Being recognized for doing work you love is not cheating

Published by: Katie Matney

March 20, 2024 | Ohio Credit Union Foundation

Those who work in the Credit Union Movement are a special breed of people, with a strong commitment to helping others that is woven into their unique ethos and moral fabric. That’s why the Ohio Credit Union Foundation created the William A. Herring Society. It is named for long-time credit union leader and advocate Bill Herring and honors the contributions of credit union employees and volunteers who have shown a steadfast commitment to the Credit Union Movement. It’s a unique way to honor the work of champions and ensure continued support of the movement in the future. Here is a first-hand perspective from a past inductee:

“Induction into the William A. Herring Society is a special recognition, nearly impossible to replicate. As I reflect on my 2018 induction, I am struck by a deep sense of appreciation for the gravity and magnitude of this unique distinction.

To be nominated by my credit union for work that I had loved every minute of doing seems like cheating. That they felt that my contributions to our credit union and our movement were worthy of such an accolade is immensely humbling and a great honor, shadowed only by being mentioned in the same breath as the award’s namesake. Bill Herring’s lasting contributions to the credit union movement cannot be overstated. He has served as an inspiration to many and, through his commitment to the credit union philosophy, has long stood as a difference-maker in the lives of so many in Ohio and around the world. To have the honor of knowing Bill Herring is enough, but to be associated with his legacy in this way is something truly special to me.

And to be recognized in front of my peers and family at i48 was a moment I will never forget. After many years of working side-by-side with the finest men and women our movement has to offer, sharing policies, passing along ideas, all working together with a common mission, it was only fitting that so many of them were there with me that day. I could not have done it without them, nor would I have wanted to celebrate without them. Looking back, with the luxury of having a few years of retirement behind me, I can easily say that induction into the William A. Herring Society is among the achievements for which I am most proud.”

– Karen Reams, retired CEO, Millstream Area Credit Union

Is there someone in your credit union you’d like to recognize? Nominations to the William A. Herring Society can be made by an Ohio credit union or credit union leader and help the Foundation support credit unions in making a difference in their communities. Applications may be submitted now for possible recognition on stage at inVest48 in April.

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