A large percentage of credit unions in Ohio are designated as small credit unions. The Ohio Credit Union League understands the unique challenges and needs of small credit unions. We are here to assist with tools, resources, educational opportunities, and guidance to help small credit unions thrive and grow.

Small Credit Union News

News and updates specifically related to small credit union interests.

Tools and Resources

Utilize and explore a wide variety of business solutions tailored for small credit unions.


Connect and collaborate with fellow small credit union professionals.


Grow your small credit unions capabilities with this series of targeted training opportunities.


Optimize your small credit unions operations with these specialized resources.

Haynes Circle Community

The Ohio Credit Union League created an umbrella under which all things smaller-asset credit unions can easily be identified and accurately portrays the thriving community of small credit unions. It’s like a club tailored to the challenges and needs of this important group of Ohio’s credit unions. When you see the Haynes Circle symbol, know that it represents collaboration, partnership, answers, and community.

In 2012, the League founded the Haynes Circle community so smaller-asset credit unions could easily connect and receive tailored training to answer many of the biggest questions facing small credit unions. This includes how to market on a small budget, gain new members, strengthen lending, improve board engagement, invest in technology, continue serving members impactfully, and many more.

About Rita Haynes

The identity was named after Rita Haynes, retired CEO of Faith Community United CU, after 50 years of service. “No matter what role you play in your credit union – as an MSR, loan officer, volunteer committee person, director, or CEO – the highest gratification is knowing that what you do makes a difference in people’s lives,” encouraged Haynes.

Kim Connor
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