GRID Mentorship Program

Mentor Application

These agreements set forth your intention to be committed to the mentoring process and provide assurance that your credit union is enthusiastically committed to your participation in the program. These agreements also provide guidelines for you to consider as you plan and develop your goals for the experience.

As a mentor, I agree that…

  1. My CEO approves of my participation in this program and will provide a written letter or email of endorsement prior to my beginning the program.
  2. Being a mentor is not only a time commitment but also an investment in the career development of another person. It is thus a commitment I take seriously and without reservation.
  3. If my contact schedule or skill set does not mesh with the mentee assigned to me, I will immediately notify the Mentor Program lead.
  4. I will make every effort to attend each program event, including check-in calls and in-person meetings.
  5. The protégé’s goals are central to the success of the program. I will hold myself and the mentee accountable to these goals.
  6. I understand that confidentiality is a vital component of our relationship. I will not share any sensitive information about my mentee interactions without the permission of the mentee.
  7. The Cooperative Principles underly the powerful business model, philosophy, and motivations of credit unions. The 6th cooperative principle, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, honors the notion that all credit unions will experience more success together than separately. Both the CU Movement, generally, and this Mentorship Program, specifically, depend on strong adherence to this selfless spirit of cooperation. With this in mind, as a participant in this special mentorship program as either mentor or mentee, I offer my commitment to this cooperation-among-cooperatives ideal and pledge to uphold it through the embrace of its grounding ethics of non-competition and non-solicitation.
  8. Upon completing the program, I will submit a 200-word short narrative sharing my experiences in the program with my mentee and the Mentor Program lead.

Personal Information

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Logistical Questions

Will your mentee be able to shadow you at least once?(Required)
Preferred methods of communication (select all that apply)(Required)
Are you available to connect with your mentee quarterly during the year (all methods)?(Required)
Are you able to attend the Mentorship Introductory Event during inVest48 (April 2023)?(Required)
Are you available to participate in a virtual meeting with all mentees and mentors on June 20, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.?(Required)

Essay Questions


If you have questions about this application or the GRID YP Mentorship program, please contact Christy Clark.

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