Credit unions connect with NCUA Chairman during Hike the Hill

Published by: Sean Brown

September 20, 2023 | Compliance, Regulatory

Optimal regulation occurs when regulators and regulated organizations collaborate on safety, soundness, and consumer protection priorities without negatively impacting operational viability. Almost 40 Ohio credit union leaders traveled to the NCUA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, last week to meet with NCUA Board Chairman Todd Harper during the 2023 Hike the Hill. They discussed how current and proposed rulemaking could impact how credit unions meet member needs and the credit union model itself. Ohio’s credit union leaders zealously advocated for expanded access to capital, the need for NCUA fee methodology reform, any third-party vendor authority be narrowly tailored to safety and soundness, and consideration of the disproportionate impact one-size-fits-all rulemaking has on member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives and their ability to serve Ohioans.

If you couldn’t join us in D.C., here are ways you can advocate for credit unions:

  • Call-to-Action—Check Voter Voice for opportunities to let Congress know how their policy decisions impact your members.
  • Update PZC—Show Congress the power behind more than three million credit union members by securely updating your membership totals.
  • Head back to D.C.—The 2024 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) is March 3-7, 2024. Registration opens Sept. 19, with more information to come shortly.

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