GRID Young Professionals Lunch & Learn: In a business of numbers, it helps to understand the numbers

October 20, 2022 at 11:30 am1:00 pm

In a business of numbers, it helps to understand the numbers.

Financial services like any other industry – net income is the difference between revenue and expense.  Unfortunately, financial services unlike other industries – it is highly regulated and most income is derived from the balance sheet.  Furthermore, as a financial cooperative, non-profit is just a tax designation – profit is not optional, it is mandatory.

 In this session, we will review the six areas that drive your financial success, allow you to grow, and invest in the future to remain competitive.

 Acquire and maintain deposits.

  1. Originate and maintain balance of loans.
  2. Manage interest rates.
  3. Generate income from other products and services.
  4. Operate in a productive manner.
  5. Manage credit losses within tolerance.

 Rather than starting with the income statement and balance sheet, we’ll finish with it as it is important to understand how income and expenses impact profitability first.  We’ll cover a handful of common ratios and provide context for a typical range to operate within.

 As a young professional, mastering a handful of key concepts today, will prepare you for success tomorrow.