Haynes Circle Webinar: Getting Creative with Your Employee Benefits Can Help You Retain Staff & Support Their Financial Well-Being

March 8, 2022 at 10:00 am

As of January 2022, two-thirds of America reports having less than three months of savings on hand, leaving them extremely vulnerable to financial emergencies. This is having a direct impact on your credit union’s workforce as that financial stress results in increased attrition, lower productivity, and higher overhead – all of which means 6-12% higher costs. To combat this, Sid Pailla, Founder & CEO of Sunny Day Fund, created an emergency savings benefit filling the gap where traditional financial benefits fall short of employees’ immediate needs. Learn how your credit union can take advantage of a customizable solution to support your employees’ financial well-being.

Speaker(s): Sid Pailla, Founder & CEO of Sunny Day Fund

Melanie Shaner
Melanie Shaner Director, Member Success E: mshaner@ohiocul.org
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