Following your credit union’s student internship experience, please complete each section in this report and attach one PDF with the narrative, itemized list of expenses, and all expense receipts. The completed report, itemized list of expenses, and expense receipts must be provided to OCUF before reimbursement will be made. Failure to properly complete this report in full may result in a delay of payment. All responses may be used in future OCUF marketing and promotional materials.


Part 1 – Results/Outcomes

1. State the goals and objectives of the student internship experience (as stated in your grant proposal to OCUF) – for the credit union and the student – and discuss how they were achieved.

2. Detail the projects the student intern handle, and how did they benefit the credit union and the student? What skills and experiences were gained by both?

3. How did the student intern experience the Credit Union Movement during their internship? What role did the philosophy-driven community outreach program play?

4. What lessons did you learn in hosting a student intern, and how would you improve upon the experience in the future?

Part 2 – Philosophy Results

1. Proof of student’s completion of League-provided credit union philosophy training.

2. Details about the philosophy-driven community outreach activity completed by the intern and credit union.

Part 3 – Testimonial

Please provide a one paragraph testimonial about what this OCUF grant meant to you personally and to credit union members you serve. (This may be used in future OCUF marketing & promotional materials.)



Documentation of hours worked by student and wage paid to the student, signed by a member of the credit union’s management team


Please email photos to Kim Connor at (These may be used in future OCUF marketing and promotional materials.)

  • Date(s) & Name of Project/Event/Professional Development Experience
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.