Funds are available for one year’s attendance, which includes tuition and lodging, of America’s Credit Unions Management School, a three-year, executive-level training program. This grant is in memory of the late Jacquie Fisher, a former employee of the Ohio Credit Union League and America’s Credit Unions, who devoted her career to credit union professional development. She was a tireless advocate for education for credit union leaders.

Please note:

  • Credit unions will be reimbursed after the event is successfully completed and a grant results report is received.
  • Deadline for applications is 30 days before the first day of Management School.
Grant Application
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Attach information that documents the program’s curriculum and cost.
  • Explain your role and responsibilities at your credit union and how attending America's Credit Unions Management School factors into them.
  • A detailed budget MUST be attached to your grant application (along with event curriculum and cost detail, if appropriate). The detailed budget should specify which lines items the Foundation grant would cover and which the credit union and other community partners will fund.
  • By typing the name of your supervisor/manager/CEO, you attest that they consent to you applying for an OCUF grant.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.

Successful applicants must mention the Ohio Credit Union Foundation as having provided grant funding in all press releases, news stories, articles, interviews, and website references. A suggested credit line is the following: “[Your Credit Union Name] received funding through a grant from the Ohio Credit Union Foundation.” Copies of the above materials must be provided to the OCUF.