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The William A. Herring Society is a special recognition for credit union employees and volunteers, past and present, who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to the Credit Union Movement. Inductees inspire others with their passion, integrity, and leadership. Their distinguished service and dedication make a lasting impact in their members’ lives and communities.

Nominations to the William A. Herring Society can be made by an Ohio credit union or leader that wishes to acknowledge a peer, employee, colleague, or volunteer for his or her dedication to the credit union philosophy of People Helping People.

Nominate your movement leader

To induct an individual, simply make a $1,000 contribution to the Ohio Credit Union Foundation in their name, which signifies your desire to honor someone who has strengthened the Credit Union Movement. Current or former credit union employees or volunteers are eligible. All funds donated to the William A. Herring Society will be used by the Foundation to support credit union social responsibility initiatives designed to reach and help people of modest means.

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About William A. Herring

The William A. Herring Society is named for Bill Herring who led Cincinnati Central CU for many years as President/CEO. Bill has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to community outreach, social responsibility, and economic empowerment for all individuals through credit unions.

Bill’s story is one of a mainstream credit union putting credit union philosophy into action to provide financial services to households with modest savings and poor credit histories, and devote substantial resources to member education.

“Our objective is to enhance the quality of life one person at a time,” says Bill. “To me, it’s about our philosophy and what we are doing to fulfill it – we’re providing quality financial services in a cooperative, democratic way to members of all incomes.”

A charter member of the Ohio Credit Union Foundation Board of Trustees, Bill has also served in state and national credit union leadership positions. His credit union outreach program has become a national and global model. “All you can do is give people the opportunity,” says Bill. “They still have to take advantage of it. Not all of them will. It’s not an easy job, but credit unions are here to work for the economic good of members … and no one said that would be easy.”

Past Inductees
2023 Vidya Iyengar, Pillar CU
Dean Pielemeier, Abbey CU
Loren Rush, Universal1 CU
Pamella Travis, CSE Federal CU
Marla A. Troike, VacationLandFCU
2022 Dennis Adams, American Share Insurance/Excess Share Insurance
William Carr, Sun Federal CU
Becky Landis, State Highway Patrol Federal CU
Heather Parrott, CODE CU
Jay Young, TrueCore Federal CU
2021 Marty Auxter, OCUL
Helen Burdsall, Day Air CU
Tricia Metzner, TruPartner CU
2019 Charles K. Parker, T & C CU
2018 Richard Boehm, MidUSA CU
Richard Griss, MidUSA CU
Leo Koch, MidUSA CU
Roger Lawson, MidUSA CU
George Lewis, DayMet CU
Janet Lutes, TruPartner CU
Bill Munk, KEMBA Financial CU
Karen Reams, Millstream Area CU
Mark Solomon, KEMBA Financial CU
Elbert Tannereuther, MidUSA CU
Pete Wolfinbarger, MidUSA CU

2017 Stan Barnes, CSE FCU​
Tony Camelleri, Fremont FCU

2016 Bob Barrett, Chaco CU
Vicky Blackorby, Ohio Credit Union League
Becky Hart, Ohio Credit Union League
Becky Howell, Ohio HealthCare FCU
Phil Hunt, KEMBA Financial CU
Raymond “Corky” Manofsky, Seven Seventeen CU

2015 Kathy Tampian, CSE FCU
Paul Snyder, CSE FCU
Jo Anne Brashen, Frost
Catherine Herring, Communicating Arts CU
John Kozlowski, Ohio Credit Union League
John Florian, Ohio Credit Union League
Tamlyn Straight-Schervish, Unity Catholic FCU
Patricia Swisher, Millstream Area CU
Susan Podracky, Directions CU
Peggy Bartlett, CINCO Family Financial CU
Sonja Delaney, Midwest Community FCU

2014 Mary Darlington Weatherspoon, Classic FCU
Kathryn Shroyer, KEMBA Financial CU
Sandy Hollenberg, YS CU
Thomas Charles, State Highway Patrol FCU
G. Duane Welsh, American Share Insurance
William Ozuk, Directions CU
James Metz, Cardinal Community CU
Robert Pavick, Seven Seventeen CU
Henry L. Washington, Cincinnati Central CU
Kenneth L. Crockett, Telhio CU

2013 Lee Butke, Corporate One FCU
Janet Stewart, Classic FCU
Cledys Henry, Hopewell FCU
David Shoup, Ohio Credit Union League
Millard Niver, CSE FCU
Gloria Talarico, CSE FCU
Edward Kral, Ohio Educational CU

2012 Robert Burzynski, Parish FCU
Kenneth Cantrell, Midwest Community FCU
Sharon Custer, BMI FCU
John Deye, AurGroup Financial CU
Nancy Follmer, AurGroup Financial CU
Tom Furrey, Western CU
Rita Haynes, Faith Community United CU
George Liston, FirstDay Financial FCU
Don McCauley, Day Air CU
Dixie May, CSE FCU
Mark Sommer, CANDO CU
Terry Stephens, Classic FCU

2011 William Herring, Cincinnati Central CU, inaugural member
Rose Bartolomucci, Towpath CU
Bruce Campbell, Superior FCU
John DelFavero, Cincinnati Central CU
Richard English, Midwest Community CU
Robert Hallier, CSE FCU
Williard Hopkins, First Miami University Student & Alumni FCU
Kathy Kanipe, Parish FCU
Tim Mislansky, Wright-Patt CU
Howard Smith, Western CU

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