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Published by: Rich Mensah

May 3, 2023 | Data & Reports

Callahan’s Peer Suite empowers credit union leaders to make key strategic decisions and uncover new ways to grow and better serve their members. Through your affiliation with the League, you have exclusive access to the Express level of Peer Suite to save you time on industry research, performance benchmarking, and reporting to key leaders and board members. 


Whether you are seasoned in the credit union industry or just getting started, Peer Suite makes it easy for any department leader or executive to elevate research and implement strategies that lead to more impactful work for your members and the communities you serve.


You can easily compare your credit union to industry peers, whether locally or across the country. In addition, leverage built-in benchmarking reports designed to save you time and effort, including performance and financial reports. Learn the context behind the metrics and build a deeper knowledge of the 5300 Call Report. You can access Peer Suite here.

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