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Published by: Kim Connor

June 1, 2022 | Compliance, Member Benefits

Compliance can be time-consuming, which is why your team at CU PolicyPro made changes to the software to save you time. These enhancements were the direct result of your feedback.

Assignments Updates

  • Assignments can now be made for published manuals and uploaded documents
  • Multiple items (policies, published manuals, or documents) can be selected as part of one assignment
  • Multiple users can be selected as part of one assignment
  • The assignment “notes” are now available to view on a user’s assignment dashboard

Multi-Delete Option

In the Multi-Policy Functions tab, a new option for Delete Policies has been added.

New Structure and Numbering Options

To provide greater flexibility in structuring your CU Policies, you can now create multiple levels of content, rather than the previous two-level structure (Chapter > Policy). You can also number the content using alpha, numeric, dashes, and periods. For instance, 1001-1, 1001A, 1001.32, R2D2, etc.

Content Labels

Another new feature is the addition of a Content Label, which allows you to determine how any section will be named. Instead of being limited to the Chapter and Policy labels, you can now choose your labels such as Procedure, Appendix, Methodology, etc. You can also choose to have no label. To help you easily update your label preferences, there is a new Multi-Policy Function where you can choose multiple sections and update the content label all at one time.

CU PolicyPro is a member benefit to support your credit union in keeping current compliance policies. For additional questions, contact Director, Member Success and Communications, Christy Clark.

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