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The Ohio Credit Union League has partnered with the Ohio Chamber to offer this Chamber resource at no additional member cost to credit unions. As a member of the Ohio Credit Union League, you may be able to save up to 25% on self-funded health plans. Your credit union joins with other small businesses throughout Ohio, giving you the ability to offer health plan benefits that rival those of larger companies. This includes lower healthcare costs and more access to quality healthcare providers to help meet the needs of your employees. Learn more or schedule time with our health care plan expert to explore benefit savings opportunities.

Put the Benefits Back in your Benefit Program

Learn how joining a MEWA can save your credit union on health benefit programs, and review available plans for 2024.



Learn how your credit union could save up to 25% on employee health benefits by joining a MEWA.


Choose from 10 plans to fit your needs, including a $2,000 deductible-100% copay option, and two tax-advantaged HSA plans.


Employees can receive care from up a large network of 73,000 Ohio-based healthcare providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MEWA?

A multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) is an arrangement that covers employers with 2 to 50 employees. The Ohio Credit Union League is partnering with The Ohio Chamber of Commerce to offer the MEWA to small credit unions in Ohio. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is the sponsor of the Ohio Chamber Health Benefit Program (“OCHBP”), which is a self-funded non-plan MEWA that allows smaller companies to access health benefits with rates and premiums that are usually available to larger companies. Health benefits under the OCHBP are provided to eligible employers by the OCHBP Trust (“OCHBP Trust”). UnitedHealthcare provides claims administration and stop loss protection to the OCHBP Trust.

Who is eligible for health benefits offered by OCHBP Trust?

Any Ohio Credit Union League member located in Ohio in good standing with 2 to 50 eligible employees may apply.

What is the OCHBP Trust?

The OCHBP Trust offers a new way to provide your credit union employees with health benefits and great financial benefits. It’s a self-funded MEWA designed for small businesses. The Ohio Chamber sponsors it to help small business members and employees with the increasing cost of healthcare benefits.

How does an OCHBP Trust work?

The OCHBP Trust harnesses economies of scale that allow small businesses to band together to obtain health benefits at rates comparable to larger self-funded single employers. Each participating employer is the sponsor of its own group health plan under ERISA and must assume certain responsibilities under state and federal benefits law; including reporting, disclosure, and fiduciary provisions. Participating employers, however, are able to leverage the expertise of the benefits administrator, UnitedHealthcare, in meeting these benefit plan obligations.

Can my credit union withdraw from the OCHBP Trust at any time?

Participating Employers may elect to withdraw from participation in the OCHBP Trust at the end of a calendar month by giving written notice to the Trustees at least thirty (30) days before the end of that month, except in limited situations. Because this is a self-funded MEWA, an employer group leaving the OCHBP Trust may be required to pay, on a pro-rata basis, the liabilities of the OCHBP Trust to the extent the OCHBP Trust is operating at a deficit at the time the employer leaves. These withdrawal liability rules are set forth in the Participation Agreement and ensure the financial health of the Trust.

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