Movement’s People First Agenda champions consumers

Published by: Emily Leite

January 25, 2023 | Government Affairs

Advocating for Ohio consumer success inherently drives credit union mission fulfillment and growth. By engaging in the relentless representation of a diverse range of consumer and credit union needs, Ohio credit unions will make a positive legislative and public policy impact on consumers, making it easier for people, families, businesses, and communities to access financial services needed to achieve their dreams. That’s why the League and your credit union peers serving on the Advocacy Action Committee developed the People First Agenda, setting several policy principles, priorities, and goals that shape the ability of credit unions to meet Ohio consumer and community economic needs:

  • Ensuring affordable access to credit through people-driven financial services
  • Meeting unmet financial needs of more people, families, and businesses
  • Advancing communities through Main Street solutions
  • Placing people over profit by preserving cooperative financial services
  • Protecting consumers while fostering financial services innovation

The League will put the People First Agenda to work as a state and federal policy blueprint to protect, enhance, and promote consumer financial well-being through Movement advocacy.

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