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Published by: Melanie Koch

November 16, 2022 | Education & Training, Human Resources, Smaller Credit Unions

Ohio credit unions currently subscribed to education modules through CUNA Professional Development (CPD) Online are in for a treat with five brand new courses added to the platform at their unlimited disposal.

What is CPD Online? CPD Online is the premier, all-in-one, web-based training service for the credit union industry. This tool was created with award-winning learning management technology and is continually growing to deliver trusted, job-specific paths and content to your credit union. Through this centralized training hub, you can offer any number of training modules to your board and staff members at any time, accompanied by full tracking capabilities to meet your unique needs.

What is new to the platform? As of the end of the third quarter, these five new trainings will be available to all CPD Online users.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    This course will introduce digital marketing for your credit union. We discuss the components of effective digital marketing, the benefits of digital marketing to the credit union, and introduce a digital marketing plan.
  • Truth in Lending/Regulation Z – Important Lending Terms and Definitions
    The Truth in Lending (TILA)/Regulation Z-Important Lending Terms and Definitions course provides all credit union staff with foundational knowledge about loans. The goal of this course is to provide you with the framework of your credit union’s lending program and help your staff understand important key terms and principles.
  • Personal Pronouns in the Workplace
    Personal pronouns such as “he”, “she” and “they” are integral to people’s identities. It is important to use people’s pronouns correctly to honor their identities and to avoid uncomfortable situations. In this video micro-course, you will learn about the most common types of personal pronouns, why they’re important to know, how to respectfully ask about somebody’s pronouns, and what to do when you make a mistake.
  • Truth in Lending/Regulation Z – Disclosures for Closed-End Non-Home Secured Loans
    Members apply for loans every day. Whether applying for a closed-end credit loan is a new experience for a member or something they have done before, they are counting on you to help them, and your credit union is counting on you to complete the process in a compliant manner. In your role, it is important that you understand closed-end loans and the disclosures associated with them.
  • Strategic Planning for Board Members
    Credit unions compete in a volatile industry. Are you wondering why this industry is so volatile? Credit unions have more competitors and entrants into the marketplace than ever before. To some extent, all credit unions offer similar products, such as personal, mortgage, and business loans. With so many traditional and new competitors offering similar suites of products, the industry is in a state of volatility. Contrary to conventional thinking, volatility can be good. It keeps boards focused on new and next strategic steps to remain relevant for members.

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