The second of Ohio’s two primaries have concluded; League PACs have a strong 2nd quarter

Published by: Andrew Canan

August 10, 2022 | Political Action

Supporting those who support credit unions is our key philosophy when it comes to the League’s political action. With your continued support, we’ve been able to help credit union champions across the board, from the statehouse to Congress. At the end of the second quarter, the League’s Political Action Committees (PACs) were in a strong position, having raised $149,627 through the year’s first half and disbursed $127,648. An average contribution of $7.81 is a testament to the cooperative spirit of credit unions that is making a difference. With those dollars put to work, the League invested in champions in Ohio with a partisan split of 73% Republican to 27% Democrat – in line with the partisan makeup of the legislature – and 55% Democrat to 45% Republican in congress. Those dollars mattered with last week’s state legislative primary taking place. Specifically, we targeted our efforts on four key races:

  • 13th Ohio Senate District – Senator Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and supporter of credit union issues like cybersecurity, faced a strong primary challenger. Despite the upstart campaign of his opponent, Sen. Manning cruised to victory with a 67% – 32% margin and will face Army Veteran Anthony Eliopoulos in the General Election.
  • 1st Ohio House District – Representative Dontavius Jarrells (D-Columbus) has supported credit unions and its People Helping People philosophy, advocating for credit union participation in the linked-deposit adoption loan program. Facing a community activist in the primary, Rep. Jarrells was able to fend them off 65% to 34%. Unopposed in the general election, Rep. Jarrells will be re-elected to his second term and likely to serve on the House Finance Committee, providing a strong voice protecting credit union issues during the upcoming 2023 state budget.
  • 78th Ohio House District – Early in her tenure, Representative Susan Manchester (R-Waynesville) indicated support for community-based credit unions and continues to champion flexible member service, including recent work to protect credit union Health Savings Accounts. With a 55% to 44% victory in her primary, Rep. Manchester is expected to earn a third term in the Ohio House and has been mentioned as a potential leadership role, depending on the outcome of the race for Ohio House Speaker.
  • 84th Ohio House District – Being aggressive in our approach of targeting credit union champions early in the political process has always been a staple of credit union advocacy, and New Bremen Village Council President Jacob Larger (R- New Bremen) – a proud credit union member – was identified as a natural supporter for this open seat. Despite a strong fundraising effort and campaign strategy, Mr. Larger lost to Mercer County Recorder Angela King. With Ms. King’s victory, the League will connect with her to determine her position on credit union issues.

If you are interested in helping drive the Movement forward, you can make a one-time PAC contribution by clicking the link here. If you have any questions or are interested in hosting a candidate or legislator, please feel free to contact Sr. Manager of Political and Grassroots Affairs, Andrew Canan.

Contact Andrew Canan for questions or assistance.

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