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Published by: Melanie Koch

June 25, 2024 | Human Resources, Member Benefits

Human resources are an ever-evolving landscape for employers to navigate, which is why the League provides relevant tools and guidance to help members. One of the most valuable tools members can take advantage of is HR Suite, which provides a collection of HR management forms, job descriptions, checklists, and a full library of federally compliant model policies credit unions can customize to their operations.

Usage of HR Suite has grown recently, with members finding value in a variety of topics as local and national employment regulations, trends, and practices evolve. We’ve aggregated the top policy topics you and your peers have been researching via HR Suite for you to consider as you review your next round of policies:

  • The World of Time Off. Policies addressing holidays, vacation, sick leave, military leave, FMLA, jury duty, and unpaid time off were among the top reviewed policies early in 2024. This might be one area of your employee handbook worth reviewing for important updates.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements. Following the pandemic, employees are more interested in and sometimes expect flexible work schedules and remote work arrangements. League members have researched a variety of policy guidance in HR Suite, with the addition of attendance expectations and appearance (grooming and dress code) related to both in-person and virtual work.
  • Employee Performance. Performance practices are crucial in ensuring employees understand expectations and are equipped to meet them, while also giving the credit union options for training and corrective action when needed. Top model policies reviewed in this category were related to onboarding, training, performance review, corrective action, drug testing, “Employment-At-Will,” and termination.
  • Bring Your Own Device. This has been a hot topic over the past few years in the human resources space and provides advantages and disadvantages to the credit union and its employees. It makes sense that these nuanced practices would be at the top of the docket for review and consideration.

These topics and more are at your disposal in HR Suite model policy library. Access this and other valuable tools on the League’s Human Resources Benefits Page, or contact Melanie Shaner for more information.

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