TruStage is a vital asset to Credit Union Movement

Published by: Paul L. Mercer

November 15, 2023 | TruStage

In May, CUNA Mutual Group launched its new identity, TruStage. This has been a year of strategic change for the company, which remains firmly committed to propelling credit union success across the U.S. In addition to welcoming a new world-class chief executive officer, Terrance Williams, TruStage recently achieved record-setting company and financial performance and . . .

  • Has a balance sheet holding over $41 billion in assets and over $2 billion in surplus.
  • Proudly retains excellent insurance industry ratings of A with AM Best, A+ with S&P, and A2 with Moody’s.
  • Is growing and strongly profitable, with over $5 billion in revenue and $343 million in net income for 2022.
  • Has a dedicated team of 4,200 employees, securing the future and serving policyholders, clients, and customers.
  • Stands as a strategic partner for over 217 credit union entities in Ohio (credit unions, CUSOs, and credit union support organizations like the League and Navatros).
  • Invests over $30M annually in credit union system support to fortify our amazing system of unity, cooperation, collaboration, support, and advocacy, which propels credit union success across the US.

TruStage has the financial stability, performance, and investment needed to protect and serve its nearly 40 million consumers and 4,600 credit unions, a large and diverse clientele spanning North America. The Ohio Credit Union League & Affiliates is proud to be among the most active TruStage strategic partners in an alliance that benefits every credit union and credit union member in the Buckeye State.

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