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Published by: Kim Connor

November 29, 2023 | Member Benefits, Membership

As a credit union, you and your team work hard to provide relevant, competitive services that help members achieve financial well-being. Likewise, America’s Credit Unions and the League work diligently every day to provide resources that help you achieve your goals and create a better, purpose-built future for your team and those you serve. Together, we can strengthen the Movement and make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of Ohioans.

The benefits we provide are designed to empower our members to take their credit unions to new heights. As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Advocacy & Representation: A united voice (in Ohio and D.C.) fighting to shape favorable policies and regulations, empowering credit unions like yours to thrive in an ever-changing financial landscape.
  • Networking & Collaboration: Opportunities to build strong connections with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, discover innovative practices, and find new ways to elevate your services.
  • Education & Training: Access to exclusive educational resources and training programs, equipping your team with the latest industry insights, and compliance updates.
  • Compliance & Regulatory Support: Reliable access to experts to help you navigate complex regulations and ensure your credit union remains compliant throughout the year.
  • Shared Resources: A wide range of member resources for solutions that expand your capabilities and provide enhanced industry knowledge for you and your team.

Ohio Credit Union League and America’s Credit Unions membership for 2024 provides continued support and involvement, which are essential to the success and growth of the Movement. Every membership helps us continue advancing the League’s people-first agenda, firmly securing credit unions’ place on the path of progress.

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Kim Connor
Kim Connor VP, Member Experience E: kconnor@ohiocul.org
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